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Who we are

What is know-how made in Austria doing in outer space?

More than you possibly think: For many years now, domestic space industry and research have contributed essentially to the success of many international space projects. The non-profit association AUSTROSPACE supports those activities and also functions as an important organ for the 20 Austrian companies and institutions whose work is groundbreaking in this sector.

What we do

From the weather forecast on your mobile devices or the navigation system of your car. From internet access whenever and whereever you need it up to global climate research which gets more important every day: It's almost impossible to imagine our life without all the achievements of space research anymore. Not only do they make our daily life more comfortable, they also contribute directly to protect our planet and us humans.

Furthermore, Austrias space activities also pay off in purely economical terms:
The total sales of the sector amounts to about € 125 millions per year; approximately 1000 people are working in the 120 companies that are engaged in the national space industry.