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Every mission requires
good management.

DI Dieter Grebner

Executive Committee

DI Dieter Grebner
phone: +43-7243-50343 -0
DI Hans Steiner

Executive Committee
Vice President, Managing Director

DI Hans Steiner
phone: +43-664-8855-1471
DI Kurt Kober

Advisory Committee

DI Kurt Kober
phone: +43-1-80199-5778
Dr. Heinz Mayer

Advisory Committee

Dr. Heinz Mayer
phone: +43-316-876-5001
Christian Fidi

Advisory Committee

Christian Fidi

We all aim for the same goal:
Successful missions in space

AUSTROSPACE is not only an association of 20 successful Austrian companies and institutions that are engaged in space applications and research: It is the vision to reach a much greater impact together than alone – for a better future, important new knowledge and simply a more comfortable daily life for us all.


Founded in 2010 as a spin-off from the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), AAC is a private company (SME) that provides research, development and engineering capabilities in materials technology and testing for industrial applications with a focus in aeronautics and space. AAC started in 1998 with the ESA-certified Space Materials Testhouse under ESTEC frame contract and is coordinator of European and national research cooperation projects in aeronautics and space.


Leading supplier of advanced on-board digital signal processing solutions, including navigation receivers for precise orbit determination. Well-recognized partner for deployment/pointing subsystems (mechanisms and electronics) and high-performance mechanical ground support equipment (MGSE). European market leader for design, production and integration of space thermal insulation products.


World leading manufacturer of electric propulsion systems for nano- and microsatellites. The company is based in Wiener Neustadt, Austria and has a business development office in Silicon Valley, CA. In its own semi-automated production facility ENPULSION is manufacturing the IFM Thruster family, including the IFM Nano Thruster – the only compact, scalable, and modular electric propulsion system worldwide. With today ENPULSION is producing and delivering nine IFM Nano Thrusters per month to its international B2B customers.

EODC Earth Observation Data Centre for Water Resources Monitoring GmbH

Public-private partnership providing high performance computing, access to a multi-petabyte global archive of earth observation data. Through dedicated EODC services, our partners and customers are able to access.

EOX IT Services GmbH

Develops and operates advanced information platforms and services for access and combined analysis of data provided by satellite Earth Observation and other geospatial sources with information of socio-economic origins.  EOX is technology partner of choice in major environment monitoring and space programs (e.g. Copernicus) and in applications domains like agricultural monitoring and digital cartography.


Eviden Austria designs the scope composed of Atos’ digital, cloud, big data and security business lines. Eviden Austria expands the possibilities of technologies for enterprises and public authorities, helping them to build their digital future. Eviden Austria is an Atos Group business.In Austria, Eviden Austria has demonstrated worldwide responsibility for solutions in the field of critical communication systems and satellite surveillance.

University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt

The University of Applied Science Wiener Neustadt provides a modern education in the field of Aerospace Engineering. Combining traditional education methods with the most cutting edge R&D in Space Propulsion Technology, Space Engineering and Additive Layer Manufacturing Methods, prepares their students for the most challenging jobs in the Aerospace Engineering industry.

GATE Space

GATE Space aims to democratize in-space mobility, making space accessible to everyone. GATE Space’s mobility solution, the GATE Jetpack, turns satellites into fast and nimble assets in space, capable of orbit transfer, collision avoidance maneuvers, precise positioning, and de-orbiting. The GATE Jetpack is the world's first chemical propulsion system that's truly plug-and-play, requiring no complex integration.

GATE Space is transforming the space industry by offering scalable and cost-effective mobility for satellite missions.

GeoVille Information Systems and Data Processing GmbH

Internationally renowned for its innovative Earth observation services, Austrian lead organisation and among the top-three in the European Commission Copernicus Land Monitoring Service Programme. GeoVille offers targeted, value-added geo-information products and related solutions for a broad international client base.

JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH DIGITAL - Institute for Information and Communication Technologies

Develops solutions and technologies for commerce and industry in a wide range of fields and carries out advanced research on an international scale. By focusing on applied research and technology development, the innovation company plays a key role in technology and knowledge transfer. The institute DIGITAL is your trustworthy partner in the field of digital innovation and transformation and develops applied high tech solutions for the following markets: Mobility, Space, Industry, Security & Defence, Energy & Environment, AAL & Digital Care, and Culture & Creative Industries.

Magna Steyr Fahrzeugtechnik AG & Co KG, Division Aerospace

With more than 20 years of experience as a supplier for piping, ducting and gas storage systems, Magna Steyr Aerospace has established a strong reputation as a reliable and experienced partner for the global space and aeronautics industry. Our competences encompass design, process development and manufacture according to the highest industry standards. We have established strong and efficient processes that ensure that our customers’ targets can be met.

OHB Digital Solutions GmbH

OHB Digital Solutions GmbH is specialized in developing and combining navigation, telecommunications, and information technologies. The company is considered the leading provider of products and services for various applications in the context of satellite-based navigation systems. Having more than two decades of research and development in the field of GNSS quality assurance and GNSS signal simulation, OHB Digital Solutions GmbH has successfully brought the following key products to the markets: the cutting-edge GNSS quality assurance system GIDAS and the customizable GNSS signal simulator XPLORA.

Austrian Academy of Sciences

The Space Research Institute (IWF) in Graz has been focusing on space plasmas, planetary atmospheres and exoplanets for almost 50 years. With about 100 staff members from 20 nations it is not only one of the largest institutes of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, but also the only institute in Austria that develops and builds space-qualified instruments on a large scale. The returned data are then also analyzed and interpreted at the institute. Currently, the IWF is involved in 20 international space missions, led by ESA, NASA or national space agencies in Japan, Russia, China, or Korea. The missions cover fleets of satellites from Near-Earth space, over the observation of the Sun, to the exploration of planets such as Mercury, Jupiter, and extrasolar planets.

Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG)

The Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) is the national funding agency for industrial research and development in Austria. All FFG activities aim to strengthen Austria as a research and innovation location on the global market. The FFG Aeronautics and Space Agency (ALR) is the central hub for Austria's industry and science to the international aerospace sector. It implements the Austrian space policy and represents Austria in international space organisations like ESA, EU, EUMETSAT and UN-COPUOS.

Peak Technology GmbH

The company was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Holzhausen, Upper Austria. By now Peak Technology GmbH is one of the major providers for cryogenic storage systems and high-pressure vessels as lightweight hybrid composite structures, which are installed in commercial launcher and satellite applications. By combining the whole value chain from product design to manufacturing in one place, integrated solutions for complete repulsion tank systems can be provided to our customers.

Seibersdorf Laboratories

Austrian Expert for Radiation Hardness Assurance Testing of
 EEE Components, Electromagnetic Compatibility, and Laser Technology. Accredit dosimetry service for Aircrew exposure due to Cosmic Radiation (AVIDOS). Leading institution providing Nowcast of Space Weather radiation effects. Monte Carlo Modelling of the Radiation Environment in Aviation and Space and Shielding Optimization. Partner of ESA, NASA, and numerous international space institutions and industry.
Several space projects providing expertise in ionizing and
 non-ionizing radiation.

Graz University of Technology

Internationally renowned partner in the areas of nanosatellite technology, satellite communications and navigation, satellite geodesy, remote sensing as well as development and test of Space-qualified hard- and software. Responsible for the first Austrian satellite TUGSAT-1/BRITE-Austria and follow-up missions OPS-SAT and PRETTY.


European market leader of state-of-the-art satellite testing products and solutions. Our cutting-edge technological expertise allows for the provision of end-to-end Electrical Ground Support Equipment (EGSE) infrastructures such as Satellite Platform, Instrument and Payload test benches. Well-recognized long-term development partner and supplier of Ground Segment solutions for Mission Control and Earth Observation.

TTTECH Computertechnik AG

The TTTech Group stands for reliability, robustness and safety.
 Its deterministic TTEthernet solutions are increasingly used in space applications with the NASA Orion MPCV being the most prominent use case.


Division Industry (Austrian Federal Economic Chamber)

The Division Industry of the Austrian Economic Chamber represents the interests of more than 5,000 members in Austria. The Austrian industry generates a production value of 200 billion euros and contributes 50 billion euros to Austria’s gross value added. Austria's industrial companies employ more than 450,000 people and have a strong international network with an export ratio of 69%.

Electrical and Electronics Industry (FEEI)

The Association for the Electrical and Electronics Industries (FEEI) is the interest group for Austria’s electrical and electronics industry. It makes an essential contribution to securing Austria’s position as an attractive business location and positively influences and shapes the economic and legal framework – in ways that benefit the electrical and electronics industry.
Together with 30 network partners, the FEEI plays a central role in strengthening the competitive position of the represented industry segments in the global marketplace.

Austrian Vehicle Industry Association

The products made by the approximately 145 members of this Association include all kinds of vehicles: from bicycles and motorbikes to on- and off-road cars, utility vehicles, trailers, surface mountings and small airplanes, as well as components such as motors, gear boxes and parts for the space industry. With a total staff of about 40,000 employees in 2018, the members of the Association achieved a production value of about EUR 17.0 billion. The products of the Austrian vehicle industry enjoy a very high reputation all over the world, which explains the high quota of international direct exports of presently 90%.

Metaltechnology Industry

Austria’s strongest branch which includes over 1,200 companies from mechanical engineering, plant construction, steel construction, metalware and foundry industries form the backbone of domestic industry. The export-oriented sector is medium-sized, consists of more than 85% of family businesses and accounts for a quarter of all Austrian exports. Many companies are world market leaders and “hidden champions”. This industry sector directly employs more than 135.000 people, indirectly securing 250,000 jobs in Austria. In 2018, it generated a production value of 39.2 billion Euros.